Monday, March 3, 2008

Colorful Weekend

Garage sale shopping this weekend I spotted this colorful grouping of neon green cafe chairs. I didn't buy the chairs, but I bought the vintage Watt oven ware bowls. I have found that older off-sized bowls are useful in marking quilting circles and scalloped borders.  Living on Kauai means almost every weekend is full of bright happy colors. 


Lisa Boyer said...

Wow...neat picture! Looks like a professional photographer!

susan said...

well, i tried to call you today for some help...i actually paper pieced a small wall hanging. when i finish the binding tomarrow i will take a photo and put on my blog...i wound up calling the quilt shop where i bought the kit to see which side i place the fabric and which i sewed on. i had to tear out a bit, but overall it turned out okay. it is a thank you gift for sil for us staying at their place this past weekend after the hockey game at mich tech.