Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dragon Fly Wedding Quilt

I finished the Michelle's wedding quilt I'm so happy I got it done before the wedding.  I combined two patterns, the Four Patch Harmony set on point from Fat Quarter Frenzy and the dragon fly block from the Aketombo quilt by Maria Tamaoka. Now that the quilt is done I can enjoy spring and take a ride on my bike with my dog!


Lisa Boyer said...

Oh, your quilt came out so gorgeous!!! LOVE the colors and the dragonflies. Very pretty.

vermontv said...

Love the batik materials and the dragonflies. That was some fast quiltmaking!

Enjoy your day

Your sis

susan said...

is this the sister that is a nurse? the one who had the boyfriend forever? are they finally getting married or did she find a new guy?

i love the dragonflies...their eyes crack me up! i walked to the post box without a coat and in my zoris. i mean it has warmed up to a whalloping 30 above :-)

vermontv said...

PS Is the picture on the bottom
Granny? Always a dog lover!

your sis

susan said...

i just finished watching the vid on aloha airlines demise, it made me cry, i dont know why...but it made me really sad.

the snow is melting and i just looked out the window and it is snowing!!!!! i dont know if it will be as green on may 4th this year as it was last. this is supposed to be the harshest winter in about 10 years...i knew it would be since it is my first :-) i dont mind...means more sewing for me. in the summer, want to spend as much time outdoors as possible so not much sewing gets done...i get it now :-)

Angela said...

The colors are great :)