Friday, February 22, 2008

Recycling With Pleasure

O.K. I read the blogs on recycling retro pillowcases into great handy tote bags, so I stopped by the local thrift shop and look what I found!  Pillowcases I would never use for a tote bag, but I would definitely use as pillowcases.  If you sleep on Victorian pillowcases will you have Victorian dreams?  I also found these napkins that I would never use for  a spaghetti feed.   I will recycle them just as they are and appreciate someone's lovely handwork.


Lisa Boyer said...

What the **???? Do we LIVE on the same island???? How come all I ever find are rusty knitting needles and partnerless poodles at the thrift store? You have a gift, girl! Good for you!

susan said...

i subscribe to the quilt show with alex anderson and ricky tims...they recently did a show on making quilts and table runners and kool stuff using old was truly neat. you do find the most amazing have the "eye" and i think above all the "patience" for thrift shopping