Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surprise in the Mail

The mail came today and I was so surprised I received a booklet for the Relay for Life Quilt Raffle for the City of Cheney, Wash. You wonder why Cheney? Doesn't she live in Hawaii. We vacation in Cheney and we were remodeling our Cheney Town Cottage. That's my husband on the roof.  My job was to catch the falling shingles.  Well, back to the quilt part of this post. The Garden Gate Quilt Shop in Cheney was giving fabric kits for a leaf block for a raffle quilt.  I'm always looking for an excuse not to catch shingles so I opted to sew a block for the quilt.  Isn't that what vacations are for?  I'm so pleased at the results of the quilt and dedication of the quilters in the Cheney area to the Relay for Life.  

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susan said...

that's a cottage? how many bedrooms does it have? looks like a cute little house to me. the snow is starting to melt but it is so cold that it refreezes at night. when you walk across it it sounds like you are walking on breaking glass. now quite 30 today. it is supposed to be sunny but cold all week and then snoww again next weekend. i can see patches of grass and all along the roadside there are large areas of grass like stuff. when we moved here last may the yard was dry and lots of grass. bet jeni is having fun at asilomar