Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kauai Quilt Show

It's coming soon! Kauai north shore quilter Jeni Hardy is putting on a quilt show.  I can hardly wait! Great teachers and great quilts to see! (click on image for larger view)

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susan said...

wow! it really looks like jeni has really pulled something great together...wonder if she realizes what she has done...she will have to do this every year now :-) i am working with my guild, our quilt show is in mid april. i feel i dont have anything "new" to show, but sue (can you believe her name is susan too) said i had so many wonderful quilts hanging in my house and they were all "new" to them so looks like waimea canyon and the humpback quilt and some others will get shown again. i am finishing up max's "baby genius" quilt which i will photo and put up on my blog latter today. wish jeni would do a come she doesnt...lord knows she is prolific enough :-) !!!!! have a great been snowing pretty steady since last night, hope it doesnt mess up me and sue's trip to escanaba tomarrow...i am supposed to be driving but if i cant get out of my driveway i guess it will be off...whaaaa...we were going to a couple of quilt shops.