Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from the Farm

Happy Easter from the farm.  All the baby chicks are running about and the sun is shining what a great day! This Easter card was posted from Hillyard, Wash. to Moscow, Idaho on March 10th 1910 thought I'd share it with you on Easter.


susan said...

happy easter to you too and your family! well, it is almost 4p.m. and it is only 18 and it snowed last night and this a.m. and is supposed to snow again tonight. gee i thought it was spring already but i here this will continue for awhile more. when we came last may...4 or 5 i think, it was all dry and green with the daffodils up and ready to bloom. after mark gets all the work done on front and back porches i can consider some permanent plantings. gonna have to fence in or get "deer proof" plants, dont know if there really is such a thing. the ladies in the guild laugh at the idea. i hate deer!!!! they fling themselves into the paths of oncoming cares and eat everything in sight or step all over everything. oh well, thats life in da UP! :-)

Angela said...

It's a warm 7ºC right now. I don't think it will be snowing much more from now on. I really love those old postcards! :)