Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Handwork & Orchids

Happy Handworks is having a yarn giveaway see her blog for details. Cinnamon Girl asked as we comment to tell her what our favorite flower is. When I lived in Washington my favorite flower was lilac.  Now that I'm in Hawaii it has to be orchids hands down. Orchids are so colorful and dramatic. The ones above are in my garden and let's face it Miss Kauai wouldn't look the same holding a tulip lei!


Lisa Boyer said...

Gorgeous orchid! Good luck on the yarn giveaway!

susan said...

there are so many new flowers to see here, i am not sure what my fav is but i really like hollyhocks, i didnt realize they are so tall and so many colors. i want to plant some this year.

Angela said...

I really like the snowdrops right now. They are actually related to orchids, but in different families. Happy Easter :)