Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Almost Easter

     I went out in the garden today the duckling couldn't wait until Easter to hatch!

 I like this  thrifted quilt block that is just right if you want to make a Easter Lamb quilt it is probably from the 60's. 

And last but not least the Easter bunny on an antique postcard from 1910. Happy almost Easter!


Angela said...

Very cute duckling! The other pictures don't seem to be working though. *waves*

Angela said...

Okay, the pictures work for me now. I like the card :)

Lisa Boyer said...

Yay! The pictures are up! You have such great stuff. Love the little lamb block, the fabulous card...and I am totally in love with that little duckling!! Don't tell me...thrift shop? You are so LUCKY!!

vermontv said...

Like the quilt block and post card. Happpy Easter!! Thank you for the coffee. there is nothing like fresh Kona, we are really enjoying it. This would be my favorite time of year if it was about 20 degrees warmer. Sugar season is slowly starting and we have some daffodils trying to peek out despite three feet of snow on most of the yard. your sis

susan said...

more truly amazing finds by you of course! i love the little duckling.