Monday, June 2, 2008

Historic Cottage Before

We have arrived at Cheney to work on our "historic" house, the town voted to designate the house historic.  The house dates between 1880 and 1884.  One fun part of restoring a old house is the demo. It's fun pulling square nails out of old walls, and taking pictures of all the old layers of wall paper and flooring.  I am mostly the low end labor in the project, getting tools, keeping things organized and clean up work. We also had a great demo crew including my dad, my mom, daughter and her boyfriend.  Many hands make light work. The most interesting discovery was a 1881 Christian Journal my husband found in the attic.   This photo is a before picture of the concrete shower stall in the spacious bathroom. That's when we found a new discovery a rotting floor beam!  Thank goodness my husband has a fix for that.  After a long day working, we stopped at  Picabu Neighborhood Bistro in  Spokane for this great dinner of grilled chicken gyros and desert lime chicken.  In tomorrow's blog I'll share some more house photos and even something quilty.


susan said...

yikes! does the city help in the "cost" of the restoration on a historical building? i dont know why there is such a huge space between last blog entry and comment space and i could not fix it. oh well...tomarrow my friend, sue, is coming over to do a little dyeing...i am not sure what we are going to do. i want to try some "spirals" ive done in past but last time i tried they didnt work out. i am going to have to look at one of my dye books to get it right. it was in the 60s today, but now is rainy and down to 50. at least i think the freeze is over for now, but it can still freeze over night in july and aug. thats where a tarp and a light bulb work out in the garden...not complaining really i am not.

Liz said...

What am amazing cabin! Good luck with the restoration!