Thursday, June 5, 2008

Historic Cottage & Mangoes

Back to work for at least 2 more weeks on the cottage and this is the result.  The inside still needs some professional help.  

Here's our historic plaque from the city of Cheney it is brass and very heavy so we still have to figure out what wall can hold it.Over the mountains back to Seattle.  It was a bright and sunny day.  Sorry for the buggy windshield it is summer after all. Back in Seattle we spent a day at Pike Place Market shopping. 

The quilt store Undercover Quilts is there. Even though it is small, the store has lots of variety and many finished quilts on display. 
Mary Downes' Bark Park quilt was displayed in the window.   This store is a must stop for me whenever I'm is Seattle.   
Flowers everywhere was the theme of the day at Pike Place Market.
After an activity filled vacation we are back on Kauai just in time for mango season.  The Kauai quilt show is next week I'm going to be demonstrating Hawaiian quilting there.  I looking forward to a busy, fun summer.

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susan said...

mangoes....i miss my trees...but, we have been buying some mangoes from mexico, remind me of haydens. they are only about 60. - .70 each, only buy on sale, and have been pretty good. got our garden in finally, was almost 80 yesterday and sun sun sunny. today it is cloudy and back down to 60. the raspberries are crankin' in another month i will be up to my eyeballs in the little suckers, drying, freezing and making jam again........will be my first full cycle here.