Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Break Day from Restoring Cottage

Today we took a break from painting and explored around the towns of Post Falls & Coeur d 'Alene. First stop was Caife Cistin.To enjoy some Chinese green tea and Mexican spice mocha while enjoying the trendy atmosphere of Post Falls.
This  small coffee shop in Post Falls even has dandelion jelly!  We also explored the local thrift shops in both towns. This was such a colorful mural I had to get a picture of it. I bought this German thimble at Wiggetts the antique mall in Coeur d 'Alene. I have found that good thimbles are cheaper at thrift stores and even antique malls than than at regular sewing shops. This antique thimble cost $8.00 and is sterling silver.  
The thimble is sitting on wallpaper from the Cheney cottage.
The paper was backed with muslin on the wall. I can't believe the wallpaper still is vibrant after all these years. 
  I arrived at Bear Paw Quilting before they opened to get a good parking space.  You can tell I'm still not use to the cold weather yet. I purchased this block of the month pattern for $2.00  (the umbrella material was included) and made this three dimensional pin wheel block. I mailed this quilt block back to the store to enter the drawing for pin wheel blocks other quilters have made. I  hope I win.  

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ducksinthewind said...

and bless the homemaker's lil heart, that put that bright floral up in her home!! imagine how it must have raised spirits in gloomy weather, and become a part of the family's memories.

pat littlejohn, aloha from mesa!

littlejohnquilt at msn dot commmmm