Thursday, May 29, 2008

Over the Pass & Putting on the Ritz

It is over the pass day for a five hour drive to Spokane.  The best part of the journey is a lunch stop at the Valley Cafe in Ellensberg.  With its 1930 original decor you want to hum "Putting on the Ritz" as you order your food. Chicken salad with crunchy nuts and fresh greens was just what we needed for a road trip lunch break.  The tea is even pretty as you can see.My husband had the roast beef sandwich with strawberry fan for flair.  You can sit at the counter or at this tableau by the window. Can I rave anymore about this restaurant?  We stopped on our way back to Seattle for lunch again.  The food was very good and served with loving care. We just loved it!


vermontv said...

Hey sis,

i'm enjoying the trip through Washington state. I've alway thought Ellensburg was a cute town; although it probably has grown. If we're having lunch at the Ritz just order me the blue plate special!

susan said...

what a neat place. there are a lot of little places here and the service is terrific. i must admit, the ritz, is pretty kool. i am glad to see you are eating salads, they all look so good and fresh. at the stores here we get fruit from wierd places (to me anyway)...south africa for one