Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hawaiian Dis 'n Dat

Last weekend I came across an old quilt top I hadn't finished made from vintage scraps a tutu or "grandmother" had pieced already in strips for me.  I finished it for the quilt show this weekend at the Church of the Pacific in Princeville.  Since all quilts good enough to hang in show must have a name, I had to come up with one. The tapa cloth reminded me of party platters and the fabric of bright pupus or appetizers at a luau. This cookbook had a special chapter called "Dis 'n Dat" with little bits of everything contained in its' pages.I should explain "dis 'n dat" is Hawaiian pidgin for "this and that".  This is a perfect name for a quilt with a little bit of everything in it including some poi colored fabric. The "Dis 'n Dat"  quilt will be on display at the quilt show this weekend come by for a closer look.  I'll even share some recipes from the Pupu Party Planner cookbook!

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vermontv said...

Dear Sis,

Its a smorgasbord of a quilt. very nice! Also good to see a picture of one of my favorite collectables; vintage cook books. The quilt has a 60s feel.Ever think about a bento box inspired quilt?