Monday, April 21, 2008

Ulei the Hawaiian Rose Quilt

My unfinished project for this year is my Ulei Hawaiian quilt.  I started finishing this quilt well, let's just say many moons ago.  This quilt was always a ufo to me as I purchased the half-appliqued top at the thrift store, yes for a measly $3.00. 
I used wool batting in it to give that soft vintage look. My quilting lines are not drawn with pencil.  I like the idea of natural looking ocean waves washing over the applique design. I didn't know the pattern name but Lee Wild of the Hawaiian Quilt Research Project was nice enough to help me identify it as the ulei pattern.
This is Lee Wild  holding Meali'i Kalama's bombax quilt pattern. 
Here's a Meali'i Kalama breadfruit quilt I made after taking her quilt design class at the Kauai Museum.

Now I must finish the ocean wave quilting on my ulei quilt. 
I hope it's a high surf day!


susan said...

i like both your quilts, especially the smaller one. yesterday it rained but today the sun is out, it is 10a.m. and 50, it is supposed to get warmer :-) but snow is predicted for sat and monday?!!!! i want to purchase a flat of violas...sherbert color... i planted them in two large containers on my porch last year and they bloomed constantly from may till it snowed. i cannot wait to get the fence up so i can start making some serious thoughts to permanent plantings.
i got to tell you cindy, i really love living here. not just the people but the wild life and birds, i love the birds. we are building several bluebird boxes. if i could just get the knees functioning better we could go on more walks and stuff. i think we are going up to bond falls next weekend, should be pretty spectacular with all this snow melt. miss you guys

vermontv said...

Hi sis,

Nice to see one of your fabulous thrift quilt finds! I love the breadfruit quilt too! Finally we are having decent spring weather and I hope your travels go safely.