Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hawaiian Pineapple Quilt

At our local bank there is a great antique Hawaiian Pineapple quilt, so I stopped by to take a picture. Sorry for the glare they have it behind plexiglass and I couldn't ask the bank to turn off all their lights. Since I'm in the Hawaiian quilt mood, here's some Hawaiian quilt lore. The center of the quilt is called the piko.  Many quilters used this design element as their signature.  In the past some families destroyed the quilts when the maker died as person's soul was believed to be with the quilt. I'm very glad the bank displays this wonderful quilt so it can be enjoyed by the public everyday. 

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Angela said...

A bellybutton was always called a "piko" I'm not sure if that's the exact translation though. :)