Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grape Crochet... a Look Back

This women's sewing group is from Blaine, Idaho a town close to Moscow, Idaho. One of these ladies crocheted this grape cluster collar.   Do you see the large grapes on the wallpaper, did those inspire the crochet collar? If only walls could talk...In case your not sick of politics yet, this picture is also from Blaine, I find it interesting that this was taken in 1912 when Taft ran for president and women could still not vote yet.  I can't believe there was a time when what we had to say did not count. 


susan said...

wow! that is awesome!
on APRIL 11 we got another foot of very heavy wet snow. and some more a day or two before that so we have a couple feet on the ground again! i finally feel yesterday trying to cut across the yard to fill a feeder. i didnt fall as far or as hard since all the snow but it did twist my knee and i couldnt get up for awhile. mark just stood there looking down on me. i had to kind of dig and pound the snow so when i got up stiff legged with toes dug in it wouldnt cave in, not a pretty sight for the neighbors i can tell ya that :-)
the birds are back with a vengance but there isnt any food for them since all the snow. luckily we have four feeders in the yard plus a suet feeder. i love to sit on porch and listen to them sing. if you go to my blog you can see them outside the window by my computer. i can here them sing thru the double pane glass.

vermontv said...

Dear sis,

Beautiful crochet! Just goes to show you that the ladies always enjoyed a get together to craft ; whether it was crochet or quilting.
My theory about the Taft posters; they made good wall paper or chinking for the cabin!