Friday, April 18, 2008

Hawaiian Quilting on Aloha Friday

Since it's Aloha Friday another Hawaiian quilting post is in order. This excellent book Contemporary Hawaiian Quilting written by Linda Arthur, PhD is a great resource for those who would like add the flavor of the islands to their quilts. 
This is the Kalo Hanalei quilt I made that appears on page 10 of the book. Happy Aloha Friday!

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susan said...

we had hour guild quilt show yesterday. i didnt sleep a wink friday night, i had dyed all this fabric to sell and then i didnt have anything that was made with any of it. so........i thought i would make a new sweatshirt with a hawaiian applique. where in the world is my debra kakalea book?!! i had to settle for elizabeth root. i did the anthirium in this seta was huge, covered the whole front of shirt but really turned out nice and was well received. i am such a maniac when i get the bug to sew whick i am happy to say, i am doing more of these days. i will be sending max his quilt tomarrow, i put in show.