Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Seattle Fabric, Eating & Architecture

I've been typing my blog the old-fashioned way so that's why it has taken me so long to update my site.  This morning in April after I stopped by my favorite donut shop, just joking this is the breakfast we really had.  We went to the Food Service Conference and sampled many tasty treats.  A Japanese chef demonstrated slicing and dicing vegetables so they look like a landscape from Memoirs of a Geisha.  I just love the blue soba noodles for waterfall!  After long morning at the food show a quick trip to the local fabric store Stitches and I purchased more dotted basic fabric and a variety of zippers for making purses. Stitches is a cute little store that offers fabric and patterns for "the younger hip group of stitchers".   We finished off the day visiting the historic Stimson-Green house and a lecture on the architecture of Seattle at the University of Washington in preparation for restoring our Cheney historic cottage. Let's close the door for today and more on our Northwest trip tomorrow.


susan said...

wow! i wondered what happened to you. when do you guys go home? did you hear about georgia? doesnt look to warm...yesterday started out at 60 by the time we got to the net river for our picnic was down to 30. about 20 miles from here it snowed for 2 hours. marks car was coated with ice...he had to scrape his windows...i am patiently waiting for it to get warm...ah...no bikini for me. the deck is great thou

Tine said...

Blue noodles!! That is great! My daughter would LOOOOVE those :-)

vermontv said...

Dear Sis,

You must be home and settled back in. What is better than eating weird food and looking at old houses? I know those are high on my list.I'm glad crafting is hip now; it gives us boomers lots of choices that are different from the traditional!