Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Sisters Are So Much Fun!

I'm lucky to have a sister like I do.  She always listens to my complaints, never reminds me to clean the house and sends me
Funky Monkey fabric on a whim. She always said yes when I wanted to play Barbie dolls.  Thank goodness for sisters.  


vermontv said...

Dear Sis,

Thank you for a being a great sister that sends me a beautiful peacock quilt, kept our Barbies in pristine condition and has the same crazy sense of humor as I do!! Thanks for posting the pictures; it made my day.

susan said...

are you the blonde one, you guys really look alike. i dont think i ever met your sister. i miss laura, she has been in a snit ever since dad died and it sticks. not to mention her creepy controlling boyfriend...boy, do i miss my sister, my pal, my bestfriend

Lisa Boyer said...

I love this post. I had one of each of those Barbies, but I didn't keep mine.

When I saw your sister pictures, I couldn't believe how much they look like Angela!