Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!  Here's a bit of nostalgia from Washington State University where my daughter and her beau attend school.  This dance card is from 1941 when boys had  to request in writing a dance from the girl.  That's romance!


Lisa Boyer said...


vermontv said...

Very romantic. The texture and color of the booklet reminds me of a dinette set from my recent past.
Hope you had a nice Valentines day.

Your sis

susan said...

i still remember when we were haning caryl's show and looking at angela out the window as she was just "budding" and me teasing you. they grow up so fast...isnt max the cutest little guy. glad i have one of each so they cannot be jealous of each other. elton is talking about going to kauai again, maybe he will do better with me gone. victoria is crazy with the thought of baby max being in reach...she wants a baby brother so she has max. how are you guys doing, taken any kool trips lately? me and mark like to take two to three day trips. we are driving down to houston in september. should be quite the adventure.