Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Quilt goes to the Animals

This week between peeling mangoes, I was busy sewing a baby quilt using Bunny Hill Designs free pattern, My Sweet Baby.  I wanted to give the quilt an old fashioned look because I'm using 3o's fabrics, so I decided to add embroidery animal corner blocks.  I found some great animal pattern blocks in this book.I can't read Japanese so I'm guessing the title of this book is Really Cute Baby Quilts.  The great thing is you can trace a pattern to use without knowing any Japanese.  Outline embroidery like this is so easy.  It's just like coloring with crayons.
My favorite is this chipmunk. 

Here's the blocks all together waiting for their new home in the baby quilt. 
I will post a picture of the finished quilt as soon as those darn ripe mangoes quit dropping from the trees.  


Island School House said...

I just saw your link on the old red barn co. site and clicked over because I lived on Kaua`i last year. Just up the road from the horse stables in Princeville. Oh, I miss it!!

susan said...

got my dehydrator humming along, drying fresh raspberries...wish i had a box of two of those mangos!!! i love to dry mangoes but here they are too expensive. we were having pretty good luck and then the other day, one was loaded with fruit fly larva...mark burned the mango. they wont let fruit from hawaii here but they will ship it in willynilly from mexico and south africa...typical! wouldnt you just love to win dana's quilt?!! i traded her some handdyes for some of her goatmilk is so wonderful! bet she would trade some dried tropical fruit or kauai coffee. was good to hear from you. whats up with lisa...i have stopped checking her blog, if i see those dumb box jellies one more has been such a kool summer here but th fruits and veggies are growing right along. i will probably to picking raspberries for weeks...some are still white...they are the everbearing tyhpe and since mark thinnned the patch...althou it seems to have grown back and some more...the berries are huge! aimee made the cutest birthday card for max, he is gonna be one on the 2nd. i cannot believe he is a year old already!

Angela said...

So cute! :)