Monday, February 21, 2011

North Shore Quilt & Fiber Show March 2011

I've been lost in Blogland, admiring everyone else's work & inspirations, but I've made my way out finally to post again.
I have some news to share, the Quilters of Kauai are having their annual show, March 25th & 26th at the Church of the Pacific in Princeville on Kauai. The month of March will also have many events & classes in conjunction with the Quilt Show. Some of the events include Fabric Bingo & a lecture by doll maker Elinor Peace Bailey. Many talented quilters from Kauai will also be teaching classes.

Follow these links for schedule & sign up form.

Kauai Quilt Show Class Signup Form

Here are some pictures from last year's show:
Talented quilter, doll maker, machine embroidery expert, and friend to all quilters, Jeni Hardy who dedicates many of her days & nights to put on the North Shore Quilt & Fiber Show.

Hand Quilting Demonstration By: Eileen Sanders
Tea & Quilt Pattern Tracing with Grove Farm Museum
My Calla Lily Hawaiian Quilt adapted from Grove Farm Museum pattern archives.
If you are on Kauai the month of March, come join the fun!

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susan said...

Wow! I am stoked you are back! I know alot of people are on FB now, but with them making peoples info to third parties, I think there will be a mass exodus from FB, probably me too, not sure.
I am in the process of making my first whole real art doll. She is turning out wonderfully. I should post a photo of her in progress. I make at least 4 heads for every doll I make. I made this really kool pincushion doll and I had 4 heads to chose from. They take about a day to do the whole thing, cut out, sew, stuff, draw, scuplt and color the face. I need the practice anyway and I am going to get a really nice basket and fill it with doll heads, eventually I will just need to pick out a head and then figure which doll I want to make.
I am planning on coming home this summer. Maybe I can teach the pincushion doll, it is so neat but is a two day class. Insane to try and do all in one day. I just have to ask the gal who taught me and I dont think that will be a problem, I dont see her making it to Kauai anytime soon.
Jeni told me Angela and Grayson are doing well but mama lisa is having a hard time with separation. Hope that all works out for the kids :-) Being away from kids and grandkids stink, but it is life. I still have not met my grandson in person yet. Victoria keeps talking about the trip me and her need to take to SLC to see her cousin Max. I could meet her in San Diego and go from there. It will happen, maybe next year.
I should just call you. I miss all you guys so much. Mark doesnt get how hard this move has been on ME. I gave up so much, he hated Kauai and got to come home. I will not complain, I love it up here but so far from family and friends.
It is finally snowing, we have had such a whimpy winter. all the snow dumps below up or to the east or west. we need the snow big time for the lakes in the summer. Plus, i hate the dirty look, the snow covers it all up and it looks so pretty and clean. It has been cold, but little or no snow until today :-)
well.........I will take some photos and post to my blog. check it out tomarrow. tell Joe I said hello. oh! I have lost 120# and now weara lg shirt and 16 jeans althou they are getting baggy, got a stash of 14s and I will probably get dil's 12s from austin, she is loosing weight too.
take care xo susan