Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mahamoku House Quilt Exhibit

I'm continuing the Hanalei Quilt Week with a tour of the Mahamoku House built in 1914 by Mabel Wilcox.    When you first enter the door a table with quilt top displays biographies of five island quilters. Quilts displayed in main living room.
Poinsettia quilt displayed on punee (sleeping bench) that circles the living room. This quilt is quilted using  geometric squares instead of the traditional echo quilting like most Hawaiian quilts.  Many unfinished quilt tops were also displayed.

May 9th this quilt with be part of the special workshop seminar on washing delicate quilts.  My favorite quilt is this Pua Nana La (sunflower quilt). Close up of stipple quilting inside flower.  A close up of echo or wave quilting on sunflower quilt. A beautiful green and white Mokihana quilt. Mokihana is the traditional lei material of Kauai.  I would like to thank the Grove Farm Museum for organizing this lovely & educational exhibit of the Wilcox quilts so sad it lasts only one week.  I very much enjoyed sitting on the lanai (porch) at the Mahamoku House with the ocean breezes dancing on the hand stitched waves of the Hawaiian quilts.  The Grove Farm Museum & Wailoi Mission House are open year around for tours. 
Aloha from the Mahamoku House Quilt exhibit.  


vermontv said...

I'm voting for the Mokihana Quilt as a favorite for what I can see. What a spectacular exhibit!

DiscoveringHawaii said...

BEAUTIFUL quilts and exquisite sewing skill! We've linked to you from's LIVING HAWAIIAN STYLE page. Mahalo for posting these great photos.

Maggie R said...

Hi Cynthia,
Lucky you to live in Hawaii..I live in Southern Ontario, Canada where it is still snow covered.
I have enjoyed visiting your blog. The Hawaiian quilting is fabulous. I have books on "how to" but never got any further.
I like to do so many things it is hard to fit everything I like in.... sigh... Ohwell someday.. Meanwhile I will enjoy others.