Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kauai Quilt & Fiber Show 2012 Fabric Printing Class

Lea Ingram will be teaching a fabric printing class at the Kauai Quilt & Fiber Show, Saturday, March 17th. Students will be printing on fabric with leaves and found objects. Here is a photo from a previous fabric printed class.
Example of fabric printed table cloth by Lea Ingram.For more information on Lea Ingram and her quilts please go to her website:
The Artistry of m. Lea Ingram
For sign up sheet for class please see my previous Kauai Quilt & Fiber Show blog.

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susan said...

whatz up
thinking about you guys
how are the kids doing
has lisa moved yet
miss victoria something terrible
miss hearing from you
maybe i will try and call you tomorrow
take care and tell joe hello
xoxo susan